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What Should You Know About ClearCorrect?

By MK Dental Excellence

To begin with, ClearCorrect is a teeth aligner system that uses clear braces for teeth straightening. It is an alternative to conventional metal braces and similar to other clear braces like Invisalign. ClearCorrect treatment will straighten your teeth by using multiple sets of custom-made, clear, and removable aligners to gradually shift your teeth over time. This, in turn, will eventually correct your teeth and leave you with a brand-new smile. ClearCorrect aligners provide better clarity as they are almost invisible apart from being minimally invasive. Additionally, they are resistant to clouding from daily wear and tear.

What Should You Know Before Opting For ClearCorrect?

The dentist begins by taking impressions, radiographs, and photographs. Following this, a custom aligner prescription is issued. These aligners are precise 3D replicas of your jaw and teeth, crafted in a specialized laboratory. Subsequently, the dentist outlines the treatment plan, visually demonstrating the expected post-treatment realignment and the transition of teeth from their current to ideal positions.

Who Can Opt for ClearCorrect?

Teeth-straightening is an option for teenagers and adults, but individuals with missing molars or complex dental issues might not be eligible. But, you should always consult your dentist to determine the best treatment option based on your specific needs. ClearCorrect treats various orthodontic conditions like:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite or underbite issues
  • Crooked teeth

How Much Do ClearCorrect Aligners Cost?

The ClearCorrect treatment cost depends on various factors, such as your overall oral health needs, the amount of time and time that your dentist needs to put in for aligning your teeth, and your geographic location, as the treatment cost depends on the city you live in, your dentist’s fees based on his experience, and whether your insurance plan covers the treatment cost or not.

The cost of ClearCorrect treatment in Cincinnati, on average ranges somewhere between $2,500 and $5,500 or more, for its Limited and Full variants. Additionally, you should know that the cost of treatment varies based on an individual’s specific dental needs. Besides, you can always check whether your dental insurance covers the treatment cost of ClearCorrect or not. Furthermore, you might incur additional costs for digital X-rays, tooth extractions, bone grafting, etc.

Choosing ClearCorrect treatment for straightening your teeth can be heavy on the pocket when compared to conventional braces. At MK Dental, we offer various financing options, including our in-house savings plan, to help you better plan your dental treatments with us. If you want to consult the best dentists for ClearCorrect aligners in Cincinnati, OH, then book an appointment with us.

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