Porcelain Bridges in Cincinnati, OH

Whenever you drive across a dental bridge, you are benefiting from the same support mechanisms that sustain it. The abutments, which are crowned teeth on both sides of a gap, play a crucial role in supporting the artificial tooth, known as a pontic. Although bridges can last for many years, the strain of supporting missing teeth can harm the abutments, potentially resulting in further tooth loss in the future.

A Better Bridge

porcelain bridges in cincinnati at mk dental excellence dentist cincinnati
Dental implants are often a better choice than standard bridge abutments as they reduce the strain on the teeth. When placed accurately in the bone, implants mimic the function of tooth roots, bearing the load that natural teeth used to carry. This relieves nearby teeth from excessive stress. In certain cases, a bridge can be created using two implants. No matter how complex your treatment may be, Dr. Manju Kejriwal has the expertise to find the perfect solution for any situation.


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