Teeth Grinding Treatments in Cincinnati, OH

In regular chewing, teeth only make brief contact with each other. Under normal circumstances, your teeth should only touch for about 5 minutes per day. It is natural for minor wear and tear to occur over several years of use.


Hard tissue lasers revolutionize dental care by utilizing laser radiation to activate water molecules in teeth, enabling the gentle removal of tooth structure. The continuous water spray ensures teeth remain cool, eliminating any discomfort. Moreover, the silent operation of a laser handpiece provides a refreshing alternative to the noisy dental drill.


The precise functioning of a hard tissue laser enables minimal removal of your tooth to uncover a cavity-damaged region. Unlike a traditional metal drill, it causes fewer stress cracks in the tooth due to the absence of vibrations. Consequently, your tooth retains its strength and necessitates less filling material to fully restore its functionality. Moreover, for numerous treatments involving a small laser handpiece, anesthesia is often unnecessary.


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Multiple cavities can often be corrected in one session because teeth rarely require anesthesia before laser therapy. Instead of stressing about numb lips or additional appointments, laser dentistry streamlines your treatment and allows you to get back to your normal routine quickly. Both adults and children benefit from these kinds of procedures that leave their mouths feeling completely normal immediately after the treatment is over.

The advantages of laser treatment go far beyond cavities, making it an effective treatment for periodontitis, root canals, and complicated areas around implants. Many surgical procedures can be streamlined, removing the need for stitches and reducing the recovery period. At MK Dental Excellence – Dentist Cincinnati, we’re excited to show you how comfortable, convenient, and precise hard tissue laser treatment can be. Contact us for any queries related to hard tissue laser therapy in Cincinnati, OH.