Bone Grafting in Cincinnati, OH

Imagine what our bodies would look like without bones. Our organs and delicate tissues rely on this framework for support, shape, and protection. The alveolar bone, which encases our teeth, plays a crucial role in keeping them securely in position. However, periodontal disease, tooth extraction, and various traumas can impact the height, shape, and density of this particular bone.

The bone that has receded from your teeth cannot regrow. However, Dr. Manju Kejriwal can use grafting materials to help fill in the bone in certain cases. Each situation is unique, but there are now more options available than ever before to promote regeneration of the jaw bone. When a tooth is extracted, it creates a large hole in the bone. Although the area will eventually fill in, it tends to shrink, causing the bone to move away from the surrounding teeth. To prevent this, grafting materials can be applied during the tooth extraction to maintain the existing bone level. Bone grafts are especially beneficial if you plan on getting an implant-supported treatment in the future.

Even areas of the jaw bone that have already deteriorated can benefit from specialized grafting material. This material can provide additional strength to any part of the jawbone. It's important to note that periodontal disease can lead to serious complications around the affected teeth. While some of these areas may be suitable for bone grafting, many of them have permanent bone loss. It is more beneficial to your health to control gum disease with the help of the top dentists in Cincinnati at MK Dental Excellence rather than relying solely on surgical grafts.


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Though aligner treatment is effective in 90 percent of cases, some tooth motions may be impossible. Orthodontics today provides more options than ever before. Dr. Manju Kejriwal can assist you in determining the best way to achieve a straighter smile.

You might want to think about including whitening in your plan. The elegance of porcelain can sometimes elevate a straight smile to a new level or perhaps provide an alternative to orthodontics.

With various payment options, the smile you’ve always wanted could be closer than you think. Clear aligners are becoming more widely accepted as an appropriate technique of orthodontic treatment by insurance companies. For additional information, contact our office now.

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