Oral Sedation IN Cincinnati OH

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This sedation method, prescribed by Dr. Manju Kejriwal, provides a higher level of sedation compared to nitrous oxide. Before your appointment, Dr. Manju Kejriwal will prescribe an anxiety-reducing medication. There are different medications available for this type of sedation, and Dr. Manju Kejriwal will discuss your specific needs to determine the best option for you. All of these medications are classified as anti-anxiety medications and have the same result of reducing or eliminating dental treatment anxiety.

In addition to improving your comfort, oral sedative medications also help in reducing your memory of the experience. This allows us to complete your treatment more efficiently and with fewer appointments. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Manju Kejriwal closely monitors your vital signs to ensure your safety. Another advantage of this sedation method is that it can be safely combined with nitrous oxide for a deeper sense of relaxation. Since the effects of oral sedation last longer than nitrous oxide alone, it is necessary for someone to accompany you to your appointment and drive you home afterward.


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