Composite Fillings In Cincinnati, OH

If dental cavities and minor fractures are not treated, they can cause more severe issues. In the past, amalgam fillings (also known as silver fillings) were used, but they often caused teeth to become discolored and strained due to the metal's wedging effect. Nowadays, tooth-colored composite resins are used, which blend in with the tooth's structure and are chemically bonded to it, providing a strong and durable replacement.

Composites serve both functional and aesthetic purposes and are often used together. For instance, if there is a cavity on the front of a tooth near the gum line, it may be visible when you smile. However, this issue can be resolved by removing the discolored area and replacing it with a tooth-colored filling, resulting in a tooth that looks even better than before.

Composites are composed of a mixture of liquid resin and finely ground glass particles. To harden the filling material, a blue light is applied directly to the composite, which takes only seconds after it has been shaped to fit the tooth. The restoration process is complete once the filling has been sculpted and polished to achieve a smooth and shiny finish.


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