Teen’s Dentist IN Cincinnati, OH

During the teenage years, maintaining oral health can be challenging. Many parents are not surprised by this fact, as this phase of life brings about numerous changes that can cause irritation for both parents and teenagers. However, it is important to remember that teenagers are more receptive to their parents' advice than we may realize. Even though it may feel like nagging, consistently reminding them to floss, brush, and eat a balanced diet will eventually have an impact. It is crucial to not underestimate the importance of motivating your teen to prevent long-term issues such as gum inflammation and cavities.

Regular preventive dental appointments every six months provide an opportunity for our dentist to educate and reinforce the efforts you are making with your teen. Building a professional yet friendly relationship with our dental team can be extremely beneficial. At MK Dental Excellence, we offer teen dentistry services in Cincinnati, OH.


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Reduce your intake of sodas and other energy drinks. These sugary, carbonated beverages are the main culprits behind tooth decay in teenagers. A 20-ounce bottle of soda contains a whopping 18 teaspoons of sugar, along with a highly acidic liquid. This combination can be harmful to both your teen's dental health and their overall well-being.

Make sure to remind your teenager to brush their teeth before going to sleep. During the hours of sleep, the mouth becomes dry, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.

Let's talk about the risks associated with sharing toothbrushes. The bacteria responsible for periodontal disease and cavities can easily spread from person to person.

Remember to include either a dental floss or a toothpick in their backpack or lunch.


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