Gum Contouring In Cincinnati, OH

A picture-perfect smile is the result of various factors coming together. The presence of healthy and pink gums beautifully complements the dazzling white teeth, enhancing the natural beauty of the tooth.

Sometimes, a small area of gum can detract from a beautiful smile. The shape of the gums can appear uneven or thick in certain areas, which can be visually distracting.

Similar to how a piece of art can benefit from being reframed, gums can also be reshaped to enhance your smile. Fortunately, laser technology has made this process painless, quick, and highly effective. The results are immediately noticeable, and after a few days of healing, your gums will look completely natural. In some cases, more extensive reshaping may be necessary. Our dentist in Cincinnati, Dr. Manju Kejriwal, carefully considers various factors to determine the best method for achieving your perfect smile.


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