Dental Onlays In Cincinnati, OH

When it comes to preserving a fractured tooth, we adopt a logical approach. However, thanks to modern dental materials, we can now fully restore teeth while also conserving as much of the original tooth structure as possible.

The teeth can become damaged due to normal wear and tear, cavities, strong bite forces, or trauma. While some teeth may require a dental crown for proper healing, smaller fractures can be effectively restored with an Onlay. Onlays preserve the undamaged areas of a tooth without extensive tooth preparation required for crowns. They involve covering the injured area with a porcelain piece, similar to a partial crown.

Onlays are designed to blend in with natural enamel, improving both function and appearance. If the most conservative option aligns with your treatment plan, Dr. Manju Kejriwal may recommend an Onlay. To receive high-quality Onlays, schedule an appointment with MK Dental Excellence. Our dental practice in Cincinnati boasts the best dentist and a dedicated team of professionals committed to meeting your needs. Simply give us a call to book your visit.


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