Botox Therapy in Cincinnati, OH

BOTOX has become increasingly popular in the field of cosmetic dentistry, and it has likely caught your attention. However, you may not be aware that obtaining BOTOX treatment is as simple as visiting your dentist in Cincinnati. We take pride in being one of the select dental offices in Cincinnati, OH that offers BOTOX services to our valued clients.

BOTOX, also known as botulinum toxin A, is a natural protein that is purified and used as a medicine. It is a facial muscle relaxant that is gently injected into the facial muscles. After a few hours, the muscles start to relax, resulting in the disappearance of wrinkles. BOTOX is commonly used to flatten creases in the forehead, around the eyes, mouth corners, and other areas.

In addition to improving appearance, BOTOX can also be used as an analgesic. Our cosmetic dentists in Cincinnati are well-trained in matters concerning the face and mouth. They understand that discomfort and headaches can originate from various sources. At MK Dental Excellence, we administer BOTOX to relax the muscles that cause chronic headaches and TMJ pain. The administration of BOTOX does not cause numbness or pain in the treated areas. The effects typically last for 3 to 4 months. If the results wear off, BOTOX can be readministered if necessary.

Whether you want to regain your youth or alleviate headaches and jaw pain, we can find a way for BOTOX to benefit you.


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