Oral Cancer Screening in Cincinnati, OH

Our oral examination is highly comprehensive, and many patients express great satisfaction with the extensive surface area we cover. During each regular dental visit, we conduct a thorough examination of all the tissues in your mouth, including your cheeks, lips, tongue, gums, and jaw. It is important to note that regular soft tissue screenings are equally as crucial as receiving professional teeth cleaning. If you are interested in learning more about our teeth cleaning services in Cincinnati, you can find additional information here.

While oral cancer can affect anyone, it is essential to be aware that tobacco users are at a significantly higher risk compared to non-users. Chewing tobacco contains a staggering number of chemicals, up to 3000, including compounds commonly found in pesticides and embalming fluid. It is important to note that changes in cells beneath the surface may not be detectable until they have reached an advanced stage.

Early detection and treatment of oral cancer can significantly improve the chances of a speedy and complete recovery. The American Cancer Society reports that there are around 30,000 cases of oral cancer diagnosed annually, resulting in approximately 7,000 deaths. If any unusual changes are observed in your mouth tissue, we may suggest a biopsy and microscopic analysis conducted by a qualified laboratory.

Aside from oral cancer, there are other non-cancerous conditions that can affect the tissue in your mouth, such as oral warts and autoimmune lesions. Our oral pathology specialist, Dr. Manju Kejriwal, in Cincinnati, will carefully examine any abnormalities and determine whether treatment or monitoring is necessary.

We understand that tobacco addiction can be extremely powerful, even for individuals who prioritize their health. If you are committed to quitting this habit, we are here to provide support. Please discuss your goals with your hygienist or Dr. Manju Kejriwal, and we can offer strategies and resources to help you overcome this addiction.


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