Intravenous Sedation IN Cincinnati, OH

intravenous sedation in cincinnati at mk dental excellence dentist cincinnati

For individuals who feel anxious, certain dental treatments may require a significant amount of sedation. IV sedation is an excellent choice when other sedative treatments are not sufficient. During the treatment, an anti-anxiety medication is administered through the bloodstream, enhancing the effectiveness of the drug and allowing for a deeper level of relaxation. Due to the short-term amnesia caused by the surgery, you are unlikely to remember much, if anything, about it.

Complex treatments seem to be quicker, and more therapy can usually be completed in a single appointment, similar to oral sedation. Your safety is constantly monitored, and you will need someone to drive you home as the effects of the sedation will persist. We collaborate with skilled specialists who are prepared to ensure a safe experience with IV sedation due to the increased monitoring required. We would be happy to discuss your sedation options and create a personalized plan for you.


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