Teeth Whitening In Cincinnati, OH

If you're confident, you tend to smile more. Smiling more can boost your confidence. However, if you're self-conscious about your stained teeth and don't want to show your smile, there is a solution.

Teeth whitening can effectively remove years of dark stains from your teeth. Common culprits like coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, and chocolate can dull the white enamel surfaces. Many patients are surprised to see the extent of discoloration on their teeth until they undergo a simple and safe teeth whitening procedure, resulting in a new and improved smile.

Although there are numerous teeth whitening products available on grocery shelves, we do not endorse these methods. However, it is worth considering the advantages of professional whitening:

We provide a personalized system that includes in-office whitening, capable of eliminating years of stains within just an hour. Additionally, our dentist can create custom whitening trays specifically designed to fit your teeth for at-home whitening. Together, we will determine the most suitable system to meet your needs. In certain cases, we may combine both procedures for optimal short- and long-term outcomes.

We only use the highest quality whitening formulas in our controlled gel formulas to ensure safety and consistency. These professional strength formulas undergo strict quality control measures and are sourced from reputable suppliers. It is important to avoid temperature-sensitive gels that have been stored in uncontrolled conditions or manufactured in unknown settings.

Investing in a package of whitening strips every few months can be quite expensive. However, opting for a visit to our office can yield long-lasting results that would otherwise require days and multiple boxes of strips. By obtaining customized trays during your visit, you'll have a reliable system that can last for years. To maintain a great smile, simply pick up a refill syringe of gel from our office regularly.

Achieve a stunning smile that will greatly enhance your self-confidence. Our team at MK Dental Excellence in Cincinnati has extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with safe and comfortable teeth whitening results. When you're in need of top-quality teeth whitening treatment in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas, don't hesitate to schedule your appointment at MK Dental Excellence. Contact us now to book your appointment.


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