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Oral Cancer Screening

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Several patients are pleased with the huge amount of surface area that we check during an oral examination. At every regular dental visit, we check thoroughly all the tissues of your mouth including cheeks, lips, tongue, gums, and jaw. It is simply as crucial to have regular soft tissue screenings as it is to receive professional teeth cleaning.

Oral cancer can harm any person but tobacco users put themselves at a considerably greater risk than non-users. Chewing tobacco has got up to 3000 various chemicals, including the similar compounds utilized in pesticides and also embalming fluid. Cellular changes going below the surface aren’t always identifiable until they’ve progressed to a critical phase.

Oral Cancer Screening in Cincinnati

Early identification and treatment of oral cancer can definitely raise your chances of a speedy and complete recovery. The American Cancer Society states that about 7,000 deaths happen from oral cancer out of 30,000 cases diagnosed per year. If we feel any unusual changes present in your mouth tissue, we may prescribe a biopsy and microscopic analysis from a qualified lab.

From oral warts to autoimmune lesions, several other non-cancerous alterations can also occur in your mouth’s tissue. Our dentist in Cincinnati, Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal draws on her background in oral pathology to review any kind of abnormalities if present and decide if they must be eliminated or monitored.

We know tobacco has got strong addictive powers over even the people who are very health-conscious. If you’re determined to kick this habit, we would love to support you in your efforts. Discuss with your hygienist or with our dentist Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal about the strategies and resources we have here so you can get rid of this habit.


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285+ Google reviews

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