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An Overview On Teeth Cleaning Session

By MK Dental Excellence

All of us want to keep our teeth sparkling white and clean. But not all of us don’t prioritize following a good oral hygiene routine to keep our teeth and gums healthy. However, visiting your dentist regularly for a thorough cleaning session can solve your problem to a great extent.

Many people fear going to a dentist for a regular dental cleaning session. Some of them that it would be painful. But this is not true at all. Once you overcome your initial fear of visiting a dentist near you, you will know that the cleaning process is anything but painful. A majority of individuals felt uncomfortable during their maiden dental cleaning procedures in Cincinnati OH, because of the scraping noises from the unfamiliar metal objects making contact with their teeth.

Thus, becoming familiar with the dental cleaning procedure will make you feel more prepared and less anxious. The three main steps that comprise of professional teeth cleaning session are as follows:

  1. Pre-Cleaning checkup :

    First, the dental hygienist will examine your teeth and gums thoroughly by using a tiny mirror. In case, there is nothing concerning about your dental health, he or she will proceed with the cleaning process. However, in case of any abnormalities related to your teeth, gums, or even the insides of your mouth, the hygienist will consult the dentist.

  2. Teeth cleaning :

    In the teeth cleaning process, the hygienist starts by cleaning the layer of plaque and tartar from your teeth with the help of a scraper, both below and above your gum line. Sometimes, the hygienist might use ultrasonic vibrations to loosen stubborn plaque and tartar layer. Next, he or she will floss your teeth to get rid of any residual plaque and tartar from your mouth. Then, the hygienist will use an abrasive toothpaste of mild intensity in combination with an electric brush to wipe off bacteria and residual plaque. Lastly, you will need to rinse your mouth. After you rinse your mouth thoroughly, your mouth will feel fresh.

  3. Post-cleaning :

    The last step of the cleaning process is the fluoride treatment, which is nothing but a preventive measure for making sure that your teeth don’t deposit a plaque or tartar layer anytime soon. Thus, this step involves the hygienist applying a foamy gel on your teeth for a maximum of two minutes before brushing them again.

At MK Dental, we offer a wide range of general dentistry services in Cincinnati, OH, including teeth cleaning sessions. To book an appointment, you can give us a call.

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