Full vs Partial Dentures

Get A Clear Understanding Of Full And Partial Dentures

By MK Dental Excellence

It is not a pleasant experience to lose one’s teeth. It can not only make you self-conscious, but it can also have a severe influence on the rest of your teeth and the integrity of your bite when you eat. It might also affect your speech depending on how many teeth you are missing.

Fortunately, you have several alternatives for restoring your teeth so that you may have a beautiful and complete smile once more. Dentures, which are custom-made and removable prosthetic teeth, are one of the most commonly prescribed surgeries for missing teeth. Dentures are offered in both complete and partial configurations. While both solutions have advantages, they are not suitable for everyone.

The sort of dentures that are best for you will be determined by your dental health and the number of teeth you wish to replace.

Full Dentures

If you are missing nearly all of your teeth, your dentist may advise you to get complete dentures. A full denture needs a fully empty gum line for the denture to sit on. Suction or an oral adhesive substance is used to secure a complete denture to the gum line. On a regular basis, full dentures are removed and cleaned.

Full dentures allow patients who have lost all of their teeth to enjoy the pleasures of having teeth once more. Dentures let you chew meals, speak properly, and smile with confidence. The majority of complete dentures consist of a strong resin material that is both durable and looks extremely similar to natural teeth.

Partial Dentures 

If you do not have all of your teeth missing, a partial denture to replace only the missing teeth may be advised. Partial dentures are supported by a metal framework, and crowns are put on your remaining teeth to fix the dentures. If the remaining natural teeth are in poor condition, a prosthetic tooth may be inserted to function as the metal framework’s anchor. Dental bridges or dental implants are other alternatives for lost teeth, however, these are not suitable for everyone.

Partial dentures, like complete dentures, are primarily composed of resin. They are also regularly removed and disinfected.

Dentures today appear more natural than dentures of the past. Whether you have full or partial dentures, they must be adjusted, rebased, or manufactured on a regular basis. As a result, dental patients who wear dentures require more regular dental checkups so that the dentist may ensure the dentures are operating properly. Wearing dentures requires some habit, but they are an excellent remedy for missing teeth.

If you have lost teeth and wish to discover a solution to restore your smile, the professionals at MK Dental would be happy to assist you. We have extensive expertise in treating a wide range of oral health issues, including missing teeth.

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