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Five Untold facts of Bone Grafting

By MK Dental Excellence

A bone grafting procedure might sound scary but is a routine procedure. It is performed by dentists before a dental implant frequently. This procedure can increase the volume of your jaw and minimize the risk of any complications in the future.

What is a Dental Bone Graft?

A dental bone graft essentially refers to the procedure where bone mass is increased in those areas of the jaw where additional support is necessary. The bone required for this procedure can be obtained from the body itself. Sometimes synthetic material is also used. Dentists often recommend a bone graft before a dental implant in case of an adverse impact on oral hygiene.

Some Untold Facts about Bone Grafting

That was what we need to know about bone grafting. Now that we are aware of the definition of this procedure, let us jump into some interesting facts about bone grafting.

Painless Procedure

The term bone grafting can invoke terror in our hearts. It might seem like an extremely painful procedure. We might also feel like searching for alternatives. However, a dental bone grafting procedure is pain-free. It is a routine surgical procedure performed by dental surgeons from time to time. You are sedated throughout the procedure and you won’t even feel a slight twinge. The recovery process is also extremely smooth and hassle-free and you will experience no discomfort.

Higher Success Rate

With constant advancements in the field of dentistry, these procedures have also evolved and improved with time. A bone grafting surgery has a high success rate and the results are also extremely predictable. The chances of complications are low. In case of any complication, it can be corrected with another grafting surgery. All that is needed is some additional grafting material. What are you waiting for? Opt for a bone graft and enjoy a healthy smile.

New Bone Formation in Your Body

Our body is a brilliant machine. After the grafting procedure, your body receives signals and knows where to start the production of new bone. Hence, natural bone tissues start to replace the grafting material. It takes quite a while, but it results in strong and healthy bone tissue that can easily support the dental implant.

Your Bone Might not be required for the Procedure

People tend to believe that bone grafting surgery requires bone from their own body. Oftentimes, this is not the case. Sometimes bones are used from your jaw or your cheeks. But at other times it is made from completely synthetic substances. It can also be obtained from a tissue bank. The material is thoroughly sterilized and made bacteria-free before a grafting procedure.

Some Temporary Changes after Bone-Grafting

Your daily routine might need some changes after the procedure. You must reduce strenuous activities for the next couple of days. You will also have to undergo certain dietary restrictions as well. You must eat soft food or a completely liquid diet. This depends on the number of bone grafts you have had. It is advised to sleep on your back using an elevated pillow. Sleeping on your side can cause severe pain and distress and affect the surgery site adversely. The importance of regular dental checkups especially after this surgery cannot be emphasized enough. However, all these changes are transient and you can soon go back to your daily routine once you have recuperated fully.

We hope these facts will help you to make a more informed choice regarding bone grafting procedures. If you are looking for a bone grafting service in Cincinnati OH then visit us at MK Dental. Our dentists will provide you with the best service and guide you throughout the process.

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