celebrities who have used invisalign for straighten smiles

Celebrities With Changed Smiles: Checking Out Stars Who Used Invisalign

By MK Dental Excellence

Invisalign or clear aligners have changed how people get a straighter smile without anyone noticing. Even famous people, known for looking perfect, have used Invisalign to improve their teeth. Let’s take a look at Hollywood and find out which stars used Invisalign to make their smiles even better.

Justin Bieber: Loving His Perfect Smile

Famous singer Justin Bieber, known for his catchy songs and friendly personality, has a trick for his great smile. Bieber chose Invisalign to gently and successfully straighten his teeth, making his star quality even better.

Not everyone might know this, but Bieber has talked positively about Invisalign, saying, ‘Invisalign is way more comfy than regular braces. Plus, the clear aligners look better than the metal ones.’

Billie Eilish: Feeling Confident with Invisalign

One of the popular singers using clear aligners nowadays is Grammy award-winning artist Billie Eilish. She had a small gap she wanted to fix to make her smile even better.

Eilish has openly talked about using and liking Invisalign. She even shows herself taking the aligners off in her ‘Bad Guy’ music video.

In an interview, her brother Finneas mentions that she’s been using Invisalign for more than a year and has gotten used to it by wearing it regularly.

Zac Efron: From Teen Crush to Movie Star

Actor Zac Efron, who stole hearts as a teen crush and later became a leading man on the big screen, has a secret to his perfect smile for the camera. Efron chose Invisalign to quietly fix his teeth, making sure his smile stays as bright as his performances on screen.

Once everyone’s favorite teen heartthrob, Efron used Invisalign to close a gap in his teeth as he moved on from his High School Musical days.

Vanessa Hudgens, his ex-girlfriend, mentioned his change in an interview with Celebs Now:

“I mean, he wasn’t the guy that he is today,” she said, recalling their High School Musical days. “Like, he had a gap in his teeth! He was a whole different person.”

His appearance has evolved over the years!

Serena Williams: Winning On and Off the Court

When we talk about celebrities using Invisalign, we might not think of athletes right away.

Tennis champion Serena Williams is famous for dominating the tennis court with her strong serves and incredible skills. But outside the court, Williams picked Invisalign to improve her smile, showing a perfect mix of power and grace in both her game and looks.

Even though she had braces when she was younger, which helped create her amazing smile, Olympic gold medalist Serena Williams chose Invisalign later in her career when she needed more treatment. This is common for people who may need extra orthodontic care, often because they didn’t wear their retainer after braces, as recommended.

For athletes like Williams, clear aligners are a safer choice. After all, who wants to risk getting hurt with a mouth full of metal?

Tom Cruise: A Famous Actor with a Perfect Smile

Tom Cruise, a well-known Hollywood actor, has always impressed people with his charm and talent. Cruise also chose Invisalign to enhance his smile, proving that even the biggest stars like the subtle and effective way of this teeth-straightening treatment.

In 2002, while working on the movie Minority Report, Tom Cruise used nearly invisible Invisalign aligners to make his teeth straight. At the age of 40, Cruise wanted to keep a low-profile appearance to hide his age while continuing to be a Hollywood superstar.

Celebrities also want a flawless smile, and many have chosen clear aligners to achieve it. Whether they’re on the red carpet or the movie set, these stars from various fields show how Invisalign can give them the confidence that comes with a radiant smile.

If you want to make your smile better, MK Dental Excellence provides Invisalign in Cincinnati. It’s a quiet and effective way to straighten your teeth without using regular braces. With clear aligners, you can get the smile you want easily and confidently.