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All You Need To Know About Oral Cancer

By MK Dental Excellence

Cancer is the uncontainable growth of cells invading and causing damage to neighboring tissues. Oral cancer is usually a growth or sore in the mouth that refuses to go away. It is life-threatening, especially when not diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Our dentists at MK Dental Excellence will provide all the information about oral cancer screening in Cincinnati in this blog.

What Are The Warning Signs Of Oral Cancer?

Some of the symptoms of oral cancer are lumps, swelling, or rough spots on the gums, lips as well and other parts of the mouth. You may also notice the development of speckled, red, or white patches around the mouth including unexplained bleeding around your mouth. Furthermore, unexplained numbness, tenderness, pain, and loss of feeling may be felt around your face, neck, or mouth. Persistent sores on your face, mouth, or neck can be a sign of oral cancer.

Other symptoms of oral cancer may include difficulty in swallowing, chewing, moving the jaw, speaking, or moving the tongue. Ear pain, severe sore throat, change in voice, dramatic weight loss, and change in the way dentures or teeth fit together may be symptoms of oral cancer. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should not hesitate to see your Cincinnati dentist for an oral cancer screening.

How Is Oral Cancer Diagnosed?

You need to attend your regular checkups. During these check-up sessions, your dentist in Cincinnati will carry out an oral cancer screening to evaluate your status. Your oral cavity, face, head, and neck will be thoroughly checked for any sign of lumps or irregular tissue changes. During the examination process, your dentist will check your mouth for sores, discolored tissue, as well as other symptoms, pointed out above. In addition, if an area looks suspicious, a biopsy may be carried out to determine the structure of the affected area.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Oral Cancer?

If you want to prevent cancer, there are many things you can do. You should avoid smoking or taking other tobacco-related products. Your alcohol intake should be moderate and excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided. The consumption of a balanced diet is very important. You should limit your exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. If you are excessively exposed to the sun, you will be more liable to cancer. You must use sunscreen when you are stepping out in the sun.

Furthermore, you can carry out self-examination at least once every month. With a bright light and mirror, you should feel and look at your lips as well as the front part of your gums. Your head should then be tilted backward as you observe your mouth’s roof. You should also check the inner part of your mouth, cheek lining, and gums by pulling your cheeks out. Your tongue should be pulled out and properly examined. You should not forget the back of your throat and your neck as well as the interior of your lower jaw. If you discover any change during your observation then you must consult your Cincinnati dentist immediately.

We hope this information helps you to make better decisions regarding your oral health. Get in touch with us at MK Dental Excellence if you are looking for oral cancer screening in Cincinnati OH.

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