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A Root Canal Can Stop Tooth Decay and Save Your Tooth

By MK Dental Excellence

Tooth decay can cause more problems than just cavities. It can enter the interior sections of the tooth, including the pulp and the microscopic channels known as root canals that lead to the tooth’s link with the bone.

If this occurs, you will require more than “drilling and filling.” Your tooth may be lost if you do not get treatment. A root canal treatment, which eliminates the infection from within the tooth and protects it from re-infection, is that intervention.

You’ve probably heard the adage that root canal procedures are excruciatingly painful. That is no longer true, thanks to advanced anesthetic procedures for pain relief. Root canal treatments relieve pain produced by diseased nerves inside the pulp and root canals. What’s more, it saves your teeth.

A general dentist can conduct root canals. More advanced decay or intricate root canal networks may necessitate the services of an endodontist, a dentist who specializes in root canal anatomy and treatment. Endodontists use cutting-edge procedures and technology to treat even the most challenging cases.

The fundamental method is the same regardless of who conducts it, as is the goal: to fully remove all diseased tissue within the tooth and seal it with a specific filling to avoid re-infection. To get to the diseased pulp, we first need to drill an access hole, which is commonly on the biting surface of a rear tooth or the back of a front tooth. The contaminated tissue is then removed using specialist devices, and the cavity is flushed with antimicrobial treatments.

In the context of root canal treatment in Cincinnati, the next step involves introducing a gutta-percha filling into the previously emptied pulp chamber and root canals. This is followed by covering it with adhesive cement and sealing the access hole with filling material. These fillings and sealants play a crucial role in preventing the entry of germs into the treated teeth. To enhance protection against infection and potential fractures, it is often recommended to place a full-coverage dental crown. This not only provides added security but also improves the appearance of the tooth, a necessary adjustment during the root canal procedure.

As a consequence, your once-vulnerable tooth has been maintained for many years to come. So, if we prescribe root canal therapy, don’t put it off – the tooth you save may be your own.

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