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Our mission is for our patients to receive at least some amount of dental treatment possible. Kids who step into adulthood with the least restored teeth usually have the lowest level of risk for future issues.

Sealants can greatly lessen the number of cavities a kid may develop throughout their childhood. On the chewing surface of molars, intense grooves reach into the center of the teeth. When seen under a microscope, these grooves may look like a deep canyon. But in reality, a maximum of them are narrower than even a single toothbrush bristle, but that is still big enough for the bacteria to hide properly. It’s pretty easy to see how cavities can develop in such an apt hideout.

If the grooves present in permanent molars are sealed at a very young age, the chances of decay lessen greatly. Thankfully, this process can be performed very fast and without any kind of uneasiness or anesthetic. The sealant material forms a smooth surface, ultimately filling in the grooves and turning the biting surface more manageable for those little hands to keep clean. A resin material is actually flowed over those grooves and is sealed fast with the help of a blue curing light. Within a couple of minutes, your kid’s teeth are protected against all cavities.

Sealants just stay for some years and may require to be replaced or repaired periodically. But research states a 90% reduction in dental decay along the chewing surface in sealed molars. This less-costly, simple step may help your kid step into adulthood with just fewer fillings. If you are looking to receive the best dental sealants near you in Cincinnati, then contact MK Dental today.


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285+ Google reviews

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