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Root Canals

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Root Canal Treatment in Cincinnati OH

Toothaches serve as a stark reminder that teeth are more than just hard tissue floating in the gums. Dentin and enamel layers protect a live pulp in these delicately constructed sensory organs. A critical bundle of nerves and blood vessels runs through the pulp of each tooth, supplying nourishment and feeling. You’re rarely aware of the systems at work as long as the pulp is healthy.


Tooth pain is particularly worrisome because it is supposed to alert you that something is wrong. The bundle of nerves and veins inside your tooth is inflamed, injured, or under attack, as pain indicates.

Bacteria can gain access to the inner nerve bundle through a deep cavity. A serious infection, known as an abscess, can develop in your jaw without causing any symptoms. Root canal therapy may be recommended if Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal thinks that the nerve will not recover or if an infection is present.

Modern anesthetics give effective numbing to allow for the careful excision of the irritated nerve within the tooth. The nerve canal is disinfected and carefully shaped, and the interior area is sealed with a sealer. The tooth can be restored to its original function with a filling or crown.

Is It Safe To Go For Root Canal Treatment?

Despite years of study proving the contrary, articles on the internet continue to proliferate stating that root canals are harmful to one’s health. Many of these statements are based on outdated hypotheses that have no scientific backing. One popular Facebook article that raises a false panic depends shakily on a 100-year-old study that was long forgotten.

The American Association of Endodontists makes sure to stay up-to-date on all studies and ensure that this important service is absolutely safe. Root canal therapy is now more successful than ever because of new techniques and materials.


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285+ Google reviews

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