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Porcelain Bridges

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Porcelain Bridges at Cincinnati, OH

You’re supported by the same mechanisms that sustain a dental bridge whenever you drive across one. Abutments are crowned teeth on either side of a gap. They are used to support a pontic, which is an artificial tooth. While a bridge can survive for many years, the strain of holding one or more missing teeth can damage the abutments, potentially leading to future tooth loss.

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A Better Bridge

In many circumstances, dental implants are a superior option to standard bridge abutments because they eliminate most of the load-bearing strain. An implant, when precisely placed in the bone, resembles the root of a tooth. They take on the load that natural teeth used to carry, allowing nearby teeth to be spared from severe stresses. A bridge may be constructed using two implants in specific situations.

Regardless of the complexity of your treatment, Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal knows how to fit the puzzle pieces together to meet any scenario.


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285+ Google reviews

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