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Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery in Cincinnati OH

To maintain or improve long-term health, minor surgical treatments involving the teeth, gums, and jaw may be required. While our attitude is based on the preservation of teeth, each scenario deserves to be considered. So, if our conversation leads to a surgical repair, Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal will go to great lengths to assure your comfort and safety.


If a tooth is injured beyond repair, it may need to be extracted. We also recognize that people may prefer to have a tooth extracted owing to budgetary constraints. We’ll do everything we can to assist you in finding a solution that fits every facet of your scenario. Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal employs the most advanced techniques and technology to ensure a painless and efficient visit. Sedation options also include a variety of anxiety-reduction techniques that you might want to examine.

Biopsies of questionable tissue, contouring of gum deformities, and removal of obtrusive bone are all surgical procedures that may be required.

Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal may refer you to a reputable specialist on occasion. He won’t hesitate to employ the greatest resources for your care if he believes a colleague educated in a certain treatment will best benefit you.


MK Dental Excellence is accepting new patients of all ages. Call today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Kejriwal and her team offer a full suite of services, including breathtaking, customized smile makeovers.


285+ Google reviews

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