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Invisalign® Treatment in Cincinnati OH

Tray or aligner systems offer a sophisticated straightening solution for ultimate concealing. 3D computer models of your teeth are used to create a set of translucent plastic trays. Without the use of wires, metal, springs, or rubber bands, medical-grade plastic softly moves your teeth into place. With each aligner, constant pressure is applied to specific teeth, resulting in reduced discomfort and, in many circumstances, shorter treatment timeframes. Your dentist will give you many sets of aligners at a time, allowing you to switch to a new tray every two weeks at home.

Removable trays can be put away for short periods of time, allowing normal eating and cleaning to take place. For many people, eating an apple without having to deal with brackets and cables is a good option. The smooth plastic surface also provides a level of comfort to the tongue and cheeks that is unmatched by other types of straighteners.

Wearing the Invisalign braces for at least 22 hours every day will help assure the success of your treatment. While clear aligners are ideal for adults, a responsible teen may also be a good candidate.


Issues That Can Be Solved With The Help Of Invisalign

Something For Everyone

Though aligner treatment is effective in 90 percent of cases, some tooth motions may be impossible. Orthodontics today provides more options than ever before. Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal can assist you in determining the best way to achieve a straighter smile.

You might want to think about including whitening in your plan. The elegance of porcelain can sometimes elevate a straight smile to a new level or perhaps provide an alternative to orthodontics.

With various payment options, the smile you’ve always wanted could be closer than you think. Clear aligners are becoming more widely accepted as an appropriate technique of orthodontic treatment by insurance companies. For additional information, contact our office now.

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285+ Google reviews

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