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Hard Tissue Laser

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Hard Tissue Laser at Cincinnati, OH

In dentistry, laser technology continues to open up new options, including various cosmetic modifications. Lasers simplify several surgical procedures in dentistry, resulting in painless procedures and predictable results. Hard tissue lasers, on the other hand, take your treatment a step further by removing anxiety-inducing components of dental care for many individuals.


Gentle, Quiet Care

Hard tissue lasers take dental care to new heights. Teeth hold water, and when laser radiation strikes a tooth, the water molecules are activated, allowing tooth structure to be gently eliminated. A constant spray of water keeps the teeth cool, thereby removing any sensation. The silent functioning of a laser handpiece is a welcome change from the noise of a dental drill.


The accurate performance of a hard tissue laser allows you to remove very little of your tooth to expose a cavity-damaged area. Without the vibration of a traditional metal drill, the tooth develops lesser stress cracks. Your tooth remains stronger, requiring less filling material to restore full functionality. Even better, for many treatments requiring a small laser handpiece, no anesthetic is required.


Multiple cavities can often be corrected in one session because teeth rarely require anesthesia before laser therapy. Instead of stressing about numb lips or additional appointments, laser dentistry streamlines your treatment and allows you to get back to your normal routine quickly. Both adults and children benefit from these kinds of procedures that leave their mouths feeling completely normal immediately after the treatment is over.

The advantages of laser treatment go far beyond cavities, making it an effective treatment for periodontitis, root canals, and complicated areas around implants. Many surgical procedures can be streamlined, removing the need for stitches and reducing the recovery period. At MK Dental Excellence, we’re excited to show you how comfortable, convenient, and precise hard tissue laser treatment can be. Contact us for any queries related to hard tissue laser therapy in Cincinnati, OH.



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285+ Google reviews

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