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Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting in Cincinnati, OH

We can only picture how our bodies might appear if they had no bones.  Our organs and delicate tissue are supported, shaped, and protected by this scaffolding. The alveolar bone, which surrounds your teeth, keeps them firmly in place. Periodontal disease, tooth extraction, and other forms of trauma can affect the height, shape, and density of this specific bone.

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The bone that has shrunk away from your teeth can never grow back. Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal can use grafting materials to assist the bone to fill in in some circumstances. Every case is unique, but there are more options than ever before for promoting jaw bone regeneration. When a tooth is extracted, for example, a huge hole develops in the bone. While the region will eventually fill in, it tends to shrink, pushing bone away from the area and risking surrounding teeth. To help retain the existing bone level, grafting materials might be applied at the moment of tooth extraction. If you plan on having an implant-supported treatment in the future, bone grafts are extremely advantageous.

Even parts of the jaw bone that have already disintegrated can benefit from specialized grafting material. The grafting material can provide additional strength to any portion of the jawbone. It’s worth noting that periodontal disease can cause severe complications around the affected teeth. While some of these regions are suited for bone grafting, many of them have permanent bone loss. Controlling gum disease with the help of the best Cincinnati dentists at MK Dental Excellence is far more beneficial to your health than surgical grafts.


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285+ Google reviews

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