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Adult’s Dentist In Cincinnati, OH

It’s easy to overlook, yet even a small amount of tooth decay or periodontal disease usually keeps progressing and spreading to other areas. One thing is certain, though. It almost invariably leads to pain, emergency care, and loss of teeth if left unchecked. So, what causes this?

It’s an infection.  In our mouths, there are millions of germs swimming around. Many of them are safe, while others are beneficial. Few of these microbes, however, enjoy nothing more than gnawing away at the mouth’s hard and delicate tissues. They, like all living things, require a source of energy. Sugar is their preferred snack, and they get their energy from simple carbohydrates in their diet.

They, like all living things, create waste. These acidic byproducts dissolve the hard surfaces of the teeth, damage the enamel, and cause cavity formation. 

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Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria producing a toxic waste that causes bleeding gums and damages the bone around the teeth. Periodontal disease is the most common cause of tooth loss and most people suffering from it, end up with dentures.

Antibiotics can treat most infections, but mouth bacteria demand a different treatment. Regular examinations and cleanings assist in the detection of new cavities as well as the removal of plaque and tartar, which harbor millions of bacteria. A customized strategy with the best team of dentists in Cincinnati, OH is beneficial to high-risk patients. We have several options for repairing weakened enamel that hasn’t yet decayed.

Swelling and infection have a complex cycle that goes beyond the gums and mouth. The different ways that our dental health affects our general health, including heart health, are still being researched. Our oral health can have an impact on medical illnesses including arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer. Germs in your oral cavity, for example, can enter the circulation through swollen or bleeding gums. Blood flow, like a river, transports bacteria to the heart and brain’s tiny veins. They can cause damage to the delicate vessel lining, resulting in vascular obstruction. Bleeding gums can lead to a heart attack or stroke as well.




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285+ Google reviews

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