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3D Imaging (ConeBeam CT)

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3D Imaging In Cincinnati, OH

ConeBeam CT scanning, often known as 3D imaging, is the most modern imaging technology in dentistry. With just one scan, this innovation allows us to create almost infinite images of your teeth, face, and neck. To diagnose and plan your treatment, we gather detailed information. We can analyze your oral cavity from any angle, in three dimensions, and in color as well! On the other hand, regular x-rays create a single flat image with minimal information.


A digital x-ray scanner, the ConeBeam CT imaging equipment spins once around your head when you stand or sit in a chair. The procedure is straightforward, painless, and short. This technology helps to provide precise best treatments when it comes to dental implants, root canals, and the diagnosis of dental and facial pain, among other procedures.

Regardless of your demands, 3D imaging allows you to plan and customize your treatment in ways you’ve never been able to before. Because we’ve used 3D technology to examine every problem, you can have complete trust and satisfaction in the care you receive.


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285+ Google reviews

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