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How can dental bridges replace your missing teeth?

dental bridges

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As the name suggests, dental bridges bridge the gap that the missing teeth have left. Two or more crowns will be placed on either side of the missing teeth in a dental bridge. Such crowns are also known as abutment teeth. Artificial or false teeth will then replace the missing teeth. The artificial teeth are also known as pontics. The pontics are made available for patients using different materials. Some of them are gold, porcelain, alloys, or a mixture of these materials. These devices are held together by the implants or natural teeth.

Procedure Involved

During the first visit, the dentist in Cincinnati will examine your teeth and let you know whether you are eligible for dental bridges. The dentist then prepares the abutment teeth. Recontouring of the teeth will be performed by filling part of the enamel. It is done to provide space to place the crown over them successfully. The Cincinnati dentist will obtain the teeth impressions. A mold is used for taking the teeth impressions. It will then be sent to the dental laboratory, which will create the crowns, bridges, and pontics by considering these teeth impressions. Until the dentist receives the final version of the dental bridges, a temporary bridge will be provided to the patient to protect their exposed teeth and gums.

The temporary bridge will be removed by the dentist during the second visit. The new porcelain bridge will then be placed. The dentist in Cincinnati will then examine it properly to ensure that it fits properly. If required, the dentist will make the needed adjustments to place the dental bridge accurately. You will have to go for multiple visits to the dental office in Cincinnati so that they can check the bite and fit of the metal framework. For fixed dental bridges, the Cincinnati dentist will place a temporary cement for a few weeks to ensure proper placement. Afterward, the dental bridge is permanently cemented.

The cost of dental bridges by Cincinnati dentist depends a lot on the type of dental bridge being used and the missing teeth position of the patient. Dental bridges of high quality last for as long as 10 years. However, good oral hygiene and regular dental visits are important for the dental bridges to last longer. A missing tooth can cause speech problems in the patient. However, with dental bridges, speaking can be done with ease. The person needs to ensure the adjacent teeth’ strength and stability and the entire remaining teeth. It is because the outcome of the bridge depends a lot on the strength provided by the surrounding teeth.

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